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Please remember to hose or spray down your yard in advance, in the area that your sign will be installed, to help aid in setting up your installation in a timely manner as well as securing your signage into the ground from wind. If it is not watered and we cannot get the stakes in we cannot guarantee the sign remaining in place if it is windy and we may need to come and take it down early. Non watered yards are non refundable if we have to take them down early due to the wind. If it has recently rained, then you are good to go!


Please make sure that your yard is mowed BEFORE your installation date or will be mowed AFTER we remove the sign. If the install is in someone else's yard, an HOA managed area or townhouse complex, please confirm the mowing schedule. We cannot set up if it is scheduled to be mowed. Mowed around signs cost you an extra $50 for the cleaning fee. 

Ready. Set. Celebrate!

Let us do all of the work to help you celebrate your special day! 




We believe life should be celebrated and WE ARE here to help you do it in a BIG way!

Our messages are MASSIVE signs that we custom install to help you celebrate your day in the most outlandish ways possible! Ever heard of yard signs or card my yard? That is what we do! We set signs up in your yard, on concrete, patios or indoors! Anywhere we can find a spot, we will figure out a way to put up a sign! We can make any event that much more grand!!! 

So whatever you are ready to say, say it with Sign Gypsies and rent a greeting today!






Fill out our request for rental form with your event date and custom message. Submit it to us to see if we are available on your event day with the items needed for your sign!




Within 24 hours we will confirm with you by email that we are available on your event day!




We then send you a confirmation of your order and an invoice by email. You pay online to secure your spot!





Please mow prior to arrival and water your yard from April-October where the sign will be installed. A wet yard helps us quickly set up your sign for your surprise! If you have dogs, please pick up the poo before we arrive. No one wants to hit a landmine!



We do all the work for you! First, we gather all of the elements for your personalized yard display. Then we install the signs the night before or early in the morning on the day of your event.



Roughly 24-26 hours later, we will be back to pick up the sign! You don't need to do a thing, except CELEBRATE!

Watering and Dog Poo


Unless we have had a downpour within 24 hours of your event, from April to October we ask that you water your yard 24 hours in advance and on the day of the sign installation to help allow us to secure our signs into the rocky, very dry, hard soil. 

It is not pleasant to try and set up in a poo graveyard nor is it fun for the recipient to step in poo while you are trying to take pictures.

Please, please, please pick up the poo. 

Windy Season is upon us! While it is always breezy here, the first 6 months of the year tend to be brutal for wind. We have tested out several methods to help secure and "lock in" our signs in heavier gusts of wind, but we cannot guarantee that the sign chosen will work in all conditions. Mini Messages tend to dislike the wind the most due to the larger MEGA graphics used and the nature of wind with large objects. While we will secure the MEGA's to the best of our ability, please beware that the design may need to change prior to installation so that we can better support you and your celebration through a windy day so that we do not have to cancel the set up altogether.

Yard Greeting


  • Welcome Home

  • Graduations

  • School Events

  • Sports - Football, Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Quidditch, etc. Cheer on your teams and tailgate parties! We Are...PSU and Let's Go State! 

  • Festivals

  • Community Events

  • COVID Thank you’s, Birthdays, Shout-outs, First Responders, Open signs, Take Away signs, Covid Specials, Wear a Mask! We are Open! 

  • Back to School Announcements

  • Birthdays

  • Special Occasions

  • Birth Announcements

  • Anniversaries

  • Book Fair

  • Golden Birthday

  • Graduation

  • Teacher Appreciation

  • Trunk-or-Treat

  • Grandparents Day

  • School Dance

  • Returning Soldier

  • Charity Races

  • Mother’s Day

  • Father’s Day

  • Valentine’s Day

  • Halloween Party

  • You’ve been BOOED!

  • You’ve been BOOZED!

  • Christmas Party

  • Ugly Sweater Party

  • Company Picnic

  • New Business

  • Homecoming

  • Open House

  • Baby Showers

  • Sprinkle Shower

  • Gender Reveals

  • Wedding, Shower, Rehearsal

  • Baptism

  • First Communion

  • Back to School

  • FunRun

  • Medical Milestones

  • Family Reunions


Rental Info

We typically set up on the morning of your event starting at 8 AM and are open seven days a week. If you'd like us to come at a specific time, we can do that too! You choose a time and we will schedule you as close to that time as possible. Times are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. The best time to schedule us is after someone has gone to school or work so that they come home to a huge surprise awaiting them! If they are home, take them out for lunch or dinner, close your blinds, put on their favorite movie, have them remote for school from a different room etc. 

For events, graduations, dances, festivals etc. schedule us 2-3 hours before the start of your event so that you have 24 hours to enjoy your display! Having a week long event, not a problem! Rent us for the entire week! We can also set-up any of our signs for indoor displays. Use us for Bridal showers, Wedding displays, Baby showers, Prom, Father and daughter dances...the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a smile!

How does this work once we confirm your date? We ask for a picture of the house or the event venue in advance to make sure we know how much space we are working with before we begin our design process. We take from 1-2 hours in advance laying out and hand choosing what design will work for your greeting. After we arrive on location, typical set-up time takes about 30-60 minutes depending on the sign you choose below. Take-down takes roughly 10 minutes. 

Signs can also be used for commercial use. Grand Opening, Open House, Open for Business, Dine-in Seating, etc. COVID has put us all into another mode and mindset. Let us help you and your business survive during these times.

Special Holiday hours - Get Bonus rental time on the holidays! Our Gift to you!:

Easter - CLOSED

4th of July - ClOSED

Thanksgiving Eve - Open from 7-10 am

Thanksgiving- CLOSED 

Black Friday - OPEN!

Christmas Eve - Open from 7-10 am

Christmas Day - CLOSED

New Year's Eve - Open from 7-10 am

New Year's Day - CLOSED

If you book an install the day before a holiday, that we are closed on, you automatically receive the rental for an extra day! Example: Installation is at 8:00 AM on Christmas Eve, you will have the rental through Christmas Day and it will be taken down on the morning of December 26th! 1 FULL 24-Hour RENTAL free as our gift to you! 


Prices below do not include tax.

Prices include approximately a 24-26 hour rental of the sign, delivery, set-up and pick-up.

We are open from 8 am - 5 pm Daily!


$65 - Tiny Thoughts!

This is for a tiny message display that YOU PICK. It comes with balloons, stars, numbers, letters, special characters and up to 18 of those graphics in total. You pick up to three colors from our color selection and tell us the phrase you'd like us to install such as; "YOU DID IT!", "#1 DAD," "YOU ROCK", "WE LOVE YOU", "THANK YOU", "#8HBD", "@LOVE" etc. The total amount of number/letters/special characters is limited to 10 so that we can add the fun balloons and stars to make it awesome!


For example if you picked "#1 DAD", that is 5 numbers/letters/characters in total and then 13 balloons and stars would be added in the colors of your choice! * Please reserve your date a minimum of 7 days before your event to ensure that we can fulfill your color request.


Color choices for the balloons and stars are; Blue, Red, Orange, Green, Lime Green, Yellow, Hot Pink, Purple, Black, Maroon, Navy, Silver and Gold. Letters, numbers and special characters will all be in black. 

What Sign Will You Choose.png

* Only Balloons and Stars come with this package.

$85 - Mini Message Single MEGA!

This is for a medium sign message display. It includes up to 30 graphics with ONE MEGA of "Happy Birthday", "Happy Anniversary", or a MEGA Digit along with; letters, numbers, balloons, varied stars and graphics. (Graphics shown may vary.)


Happy Birthday MEGA


Happy Anniversary MEGA


Single Digit MEGA

$95 - Mini Message with Double MEGA'S!

This is for a medium sign message display. It includes up to 30 graphics with TWO MEGA DIGITS or a combination of a "Happy Birthday" MEGA and ONE MEGA DIGIT along with; letters, balloons, varied stars and graphics. (Graphics shown may vary.)

Sign Gypsies Happy Valley Birthday Boy.j

Double MEGA'S

$99 - Grand Greeting!

This is for larger single greeting displays such as Happy 10th Birthday Emma and Happy 20th Anniversary. We spell out HAPPY BIRTHDAY or HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and add their digits in standard size. It includes up to 40 graphics of the following; letters, balloons, stars of many sizes and graphics. 


Grand Happy Birthday


Grand Happy Anniversary

$105 - Mini Message with Triple MEGA'S!

This is for a medium sign message display. It includes up to 30 graphics with THREE MEGA'S along with; letters, balloons, varied stars and graphics. We offer this for Birthdays and Anniversaries! (Graphics shown may vary.)


Triple MEGA'S

$109 - Grand Greeting with Single MEGA!

This is for larger single greeting displays such as Happy 4th Birthday Weston and Happy 1st Anniversary. We spell out "Happy Birthday" or "Happy Anniversary" and add ONE MEGA DIGIT for the year. It includes up to 40 graphics of the following; letters, numbers, balloons, stars of many sizes and graphics. (Graphics shown may vary.)


Single MEGA

$119 - Grand Greeting with Double MEGA's!

This is for larger single greeting displays such as Happy 80th Birthday Papa and Happy 50th Anniversary. We spell out "Happy Birthday" or "Happy Anniversary" and add TWO MEGA DIGITS for the year. It includes up to 40 graphics of the following; letters, numbers, balloons, stars of many sizes and graphics. (Graphics shown may vary. Contact us if you need a third MEGA digit for birthdays over 100!)

Sign Gypsies Happy Valley 80th birthday.

Grand Happy Birthday with TWO MEGA DIGITS


Grand Happy Anniversary



$125 - Arched Grand Greeting!

This is for the WOW factor! We have custom created an arched display that is three tiers! If you thought our Grand Greeting display was large in length, this one is tall and robust in overall size and graphics. This is great for a smaller yard while still going as big as you can get! It stands over 5 ft in height and is about 15 ft wide and includes up to 50 graphics of the following; letters, numbers, balloons, stars of many sizes and graphics. (This is only for birthday messages. We have not created an Anniversary arch yet.)


Grand Arched

Happy Birthday Display

Crazy Custom Celebration!

Get a Quote for a Crazy Custom Celebration rental. This is for custom lengthy sayings that we cannot pull from our stock of typical greetings or when you have more than one name or event that you are celebrating. Twin birthdays, funny phrases, "Lordy, Lordy, Christian is 40!", "Sara is Fabulous and 50!", "Over the hill at 100!" or "Thank you First Responders!". We pull your custom letters and graphics and create a one-of-a kind celebration rental for your loved one or friend. It includes letters, MEGA numbers, balloons, stars of many sizes and as many graphics to make your sign crazy awesome! 


Tailgate Party 2-Day Package!

$130 Tailgate Party rental. This is for our loyal team followers and are displayed at your home for two days! Typically, we set up midday on Friday and take them down by midday on Sunday (we can always set-up on different days if you need us to). We have sayings such as "WE ARE...", "LET'S GO PSU!", "BEAT (Opponent University Initials)",  "GO STATE!". Currently we are stocked with PSU and State High colors. We should able to work with you on other national teams depending on our inventory so reach out to us and let's see what we can do for you! Motto's are limited to 10 characters. Anything over 10 characters and we will send you a custom quote.




$25 - Early Riser

If you are looking for an early morning surprise, add this on to your rental. We come at 7AM, before the start of our regular business hours, to help you have an early morning surprise! You keep them busy and surprise them on their birthday with their sign bright and early!

$10 - "HONK" sign for Drive by Celebrations!

Has COVID put a cabash on your parties? Turn them into a drive by celebration and schedule a parade! We place a "HONK" sign near the road and your recipient will know just how much people care about them! This additional sign comes with the word "HONK" spelled out and 3 additional graphics that match the main sign. Or you can Add on the "HONK" AND the extra Graphics Add on and make a mini sign for just $20 more! *This add on must accompany any one of the signs above. 


Standard "HONK" Add on (+$10)


"HONK" with the extra Graphics Add on (+ $20)

$10 - I Want EXTRA Graphics!

Want your greeting bigger yet? Add on extra graphics. $10 for an additional 12 graphics! 

Rent for Additional Days!

Need your rental for additional days? Not a problem! Let us know when you fill out your form in the comments that you are interested in multiple days. We will then let you know if the sign is available based on our inventory and our other bookings. If it is available we are happy to rent it to you for additional days and will also give you $10 off each additional day that you rent!

10% Discount!

If you are with a church, PTO or are military, please let us know and you'll receive 10% off of your rental​.

Outside of Rental Fees.png
  • $25 rush fee for orders placed within 24 hours of setup.

  • $50 for moving any of the signs after we have set up the display due to liability, damage and integrity of the design implemented by a non employee of Sign Gypsies. This includes the trademarked company sign. This is a franchise policy that we must adhere to and will enforce. If you do not like your set up or if it is in the wrong location on your property, please call us immediately and we will come and adjust your display*. If you do not wish to have our company sign set up off to the side of your display please choose another form of celebratory signage from another vendor as this is our only way of signing our displays. 
    *A fee may be enforced for redesigning or moving the entire display to a new location once it has been installed. Please discuss this with your installer before the changes are made by them. 


  • $50 for mowing around the signs while they are installed.

  • $$$ Outside Service Area. If you live outside of our service area don't worry! We may be able to provide you a rental or find another affiliate closer to you that can provide you a rental. 

*Please remember that we are a rental company and we continue to monitor and check everyone of our signs for wear and tear. Just like the rental of a bouncy house, some of our more popular graphics will experience use and you may see a ding, scratch or a minor fix upon close inspection. This is normal. We do our best to maintain our graphics/signs to the highest quality to save you money and to prevent unnecessary waste into our landfills for a tiny cosmetic flaw. This does not effect the nature of the sign nor the ability to still take amazing photos and surprise a friend or loved one. Just the nature of a rental.


Click here to see how we can make your event EXTRA special!


Sign Gypsies Happy Valley was launched in 2020. WE ARE a husband and wife team who are bringing Happy Valley a new way to Celebrate! We design, set up and take down a massive yard sign to help celebrate your event! Whether it be a birthday, holiday, an announcement, graduation, baby shower, gender reveal, school dance, teacher appreciation, grand opening, open house, or cheering on your sports team, we are here to help make your life a little easier and to do that in a BIG way!  


Surprise your loved ones with the ultimate surprise, say it with a Sign Gypsies Yard Sign Experience!


#SignGypsiesHappyValley and #SGHappyValley

Follow us on Social Media to see more AMAZING ideas from State College!

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