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Check below to see if we have your question covered! If you don't see the answer you're looking for, shoot us an email. We will respond within 24 hours if not sooner!


What is the Sign Gypsies Happy Valley service area?

WE ARE Happy Valley! So, if you live in any of the following zip codes, we can serve you:

16801 - State College
16802 - University Park

16803 - State College

16823 - Bellefonte

16827 - Boalsburg

16828 - Centre Hall

16835 - Fleming

16841 - Howard (Servicing as of June 2021!!!)

16844 - Julian
16851 - Lemont

16853 - Milesburg

16865 - Pennsylvania Furnace
16868 - Pine Grove Mills
16870 - Port Matilda

16875 - Spring Mills

However, if you live outside one of these zip codes, Sign Gypsies can still make your day extra special, but you will incur an additional "out of service area" fee. 



Can I keep the signs?

No. We are a party rentals company. We rent the signs to you so that you are not burdened with setting up, tearing down and housing the signs. We take all of the work out of it for you and let you just focus on celebrating!

Can we move the signs once installed?

No. For liability reasons, we cannot have anyone move the signs. Please contact us if you want them moved or removed. A $50 fee will be charged if any signs are moved.

Can I remove your business sign from yard?

No. We are part of a franchise and the policy we must follow is that if our company sign is removed, we will no longer service your address. We are a small business trying to spread joy throughout the valley. By removing our business sign you are preventing others from spreading the joy and finding us online. It also shows false advertising on your part with denying us the right to have our name on our service. You wouldn't buy Starbucks coffee and then pour it into your own containers so that no one knows what coffee you are bringing to your staff or handing out at a gathering. That would be silly. Marketing is marketing. Please do not stop people from knowing who we are as you wouldn't do that to any other purchase for an event or party. A $50 fee will be charged if any signs are removed.


What happens if they are damaged or stolen out of my yard?

Unfortunately, as with any rental, you are responsible for any damage or items stolen. You are responsible for damage caused by an animal, lawn mower, party goers, or removal of the sign by someone other than an authorized Sign Gypsy etc. You are not responsible for wind, rain, snow or sun damage.


Can we mow the yard after the install?

No. Please mow the yard prior to installation. If grass gets on the signs, a $25 cleaning fee will apply.



Can we set up a sign in an apartment complex?

We can install a sign in HOA developments, apartment complexes, town home plans, in front of hospitals, strip malls, and any place that our signs will fit. Please call the HOA or property managers in advance to make sure we have approval prior to ordering an install.  



Will the signs blow away?

We have two ways to secure the signs; either we will stake them in the ground or into a footer. Both will be secure prior to leaving the installation site. Should there be high winds, we cannot always guarantee a letter does not end up getting taken up in a storm. Please call us ASAP so that we can fix the sign for you immediately.

Can we create messages for indoors?

YES! Absolutely! We will quote you based on the same pricing structure and will add in the minimal fee for the indoor footers based on the size of your sign.

Can I request specific graphics from the photos?

Please let us know if you are looking for specific graphics. Due to the nature of these signs, we may retire a graphic that you might see in one of our photos. Therefore, we cannot guarantee 100% the exact same graphic, but may have something similar or an updated version. 

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