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Graduation Packages Are Here!

We are now accepting orders for Graduation displays for both Graduation and Graduation Parties all summer long!



$85 - Congrats!

Pictured above. Comes with the colors of your school and is our smaller display. We customize it with your graduate's name.

$95 - Congrats Grad!

Is a bigger display and comes with the graphics and colors of your school, as shown, and we customize it with your graduate's name.

$115 - CONGRATS 2021!

Our largest display! Comes as shown in your school's colors and we customize it with your graduate's name. Your choice of Gold or Silver "CONGRATS" and Gold or Black "2021" Should the one you want be fully booked we will offer you the choices that we have left.



Deadline To Order for Graduation

PSU - No Longer Accepting

St. Joseph's Catholic Academy - April 2nd

Bellefonte High - April 9th

State High - No Longer Accepting

Grace Prep High School - April 9th

PSU - May 7-9th

St. Joseph's Catholic Academy - May 22nd

Bellefonte High - June 3rd

State High - June 5th

Grace Prep High School - June 11th

Graduation Day Rentals

All rentals are for a 21-24 hour time period on Graduation Dates. We will be installing displays between 7-10AM on graduation/commencement dates to accommodate everyone and will be giving a window of time for your installation rather than an exact time. As PSU has back to back graduation dates, rentals will be picked up starting at 6AM the following morning to be reinstalled starting at 7AM. Additional rental days may be requested. 

 Please lock in your package ASAP. We cannot guarantee that we will not be fully booked well before the deadline dates above for specifically the dates of Graduation.


If you missed the deadline date to order, still reach out to us! 

We may be able to accommodate you depending on the inventory and which school you are requesting. 


**As we are trying to accommodate as many graduates as possible, on the actual day of graduation, we are not offering custom graduation signs on the dates above. We are only offering the packages above.

Due to the high demand, all orders must be paid within 2 days of receiving the invoice as we only have so many displays that we can offer on the actual day of graduation. Any invoices that are not paid within 2 days will forfeit their order and we will offer it to the next person in the queue for any order that is made for one of the specific graduation dates above. (Regular graduation parties, birthdays and any other celebrations do not fall under this guideline. This is only for invoices for graduation packages on the dates listed above.)  We will be offering the same packages all through graduation season and into summer for graduation parties should you not be able to get a sign on the actual day of graduation. 


We will continue to service our regular celebration displays as well on all of the dates above!

All graduation packages will be available for installation starting on May 6th and running through August 20th.

Graduation Parties!

Graduation Party Rentals

Party Rentals will work like normal celebration rentals and will be installed starting at 8AM on your event date. Pick up will be 24 hours after installation time. We will be booking these same packages all summer long for your Graduation party needs! Simply click the "Order Now" button to book your package! Give us your party date and let us help you celebrate in style!


Should you wish to order a Custom Celebration sign for your graduation party please fill out the "REQUEST YOUR DATE" form and it will go through our normal ordering process. 

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